The calendar below lists events that Catalyst has typically held, along with ones it hopes to celebrate in the future. As the year progresses, dates may change and events may be added or removed at any point. Consider any event or date listed below to currently be tentative and speculative. If you are viewing this page before the first meeting of the year, consider it to be especially liable to change and largely incomplete.
If you are interested in helping out in a listed event, or requesting an event, feel free to send Catalyst an email or to attend an event.


Sept. 29

SHARE/Queer Religion talks. Come out to see two great guest speakers!

Sept. 29

Members intending to run for exec should announce their intent to run today.

Oct 6th

Tenative Election date for Catalyst Executive Positions


Dear beta testers: I haven't finished the calendar yet. You should have a pretty good idea of what it is going to look like from this. <3
- Jeri