Catalyst holds meetings weekly. These meetings last two hours, and can be used to plan events, discuss relevant topics, and occasionally movies and time designated for socialization. Meetings are very informal, and interested participants can feel free to arrive late or leave early. Discussion topics can be proposed by anybody, and members are encouraged to bring up anything they wish to discuss.
Tuesday 6:30-8 Chapel Basement


Recognizing the unique need for privacy that interested students may need, Catalyst has several ways through which it can be contacted with minimal risk of exposure. The precautions are as follows:
  • You will not be asked about your sexual orientation. If you choose to share your sexual orientation
  • Names and personal pronouns will be asked at the meeting, but you can feel free to use a pseudonym or lie about your preferred pronouns. You can give out as much or as little personal information as you choose.
  • What happens in Catalyst stays in Catalyst. Members will be instructed not to repeat anything.
  • Catalyst members will be instructed not to approach other members outside of meetings, unless they are given explicit permission otherwise. Should they have to interact with them, they will be instructed not to bring up Catalyst .
  • Catalyst exec will be happy to talk one on one to try and find a solution with people who are uncomfortable attending meetings.


  • Do feel free to experiment and try out different names/pronouns if you're thinking about making a change!
  • Do remember to give the group warning if you're going to talk about something that could potentially disturb or upset any of the members!
  • Do make an effort to remember everybody's pronouns!
  • Do know you are allowed to come and ask for advice on how to interact with friends/loved ones who are LGBT. Making your friends and loved ones feel accepted is important, and we can teach you how to approach the subject, what to expect, and answer any questions you have.
  • Know you are allowed to bring friends/family along if you're nervous!
  • Do feel free to bring along homework, laptops, or handheld game consoles. We re very laid back!
  • Do feel free to recomend Catalyst meetings and events to friends!
  • Do feel free to suggest events!
  • Know you don't have to come every meeting, or make a commitment to coming regularly!


  • Don't bring up what's said in Catalyst to people who are not members of Catalyst or otherwise present when the subject was discussed. Value your fellow member's privacy: what happens in Catalyst, stays in Catalyst.
  • Do not approach Catalyst members/mention somebody attends Catalyst outside of the meetings unless you have their express permission. Many members like their privacy.
  • Do not take pictures of a meeting, unless you have the express permission of everybody that will be in the photo. In those photos, if you choose to upload them to social media, make sure every individual in the photo knows and consents to where their photos will be.
  • On social media, do not tag or mention members in statuses/photos about Catalyst unless express permission is given. Privacy is key!
  • Do not misgender or otherwise disrespect individuals. If you are unsure what is polite to say, or forget what their pronouns are, just ask!
  • Do not disrespect how anybody chooses to present their gender.
  • Do not disrespect any sexuality, or shame anybody for their sexual choices.